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Here at YBC, we are dedicated to creating an ecosystem of diverse and innovative blockchain projects. Start, join, or explore our existing projects. 

Building Workshops

New to blockchain and want to build a project but don't know where to start? 

YBC will be hosting a series of building workshops to get you acquainted with the blockchain basics and get you comfortable building. Regardless if you're looking to build a more technical project, a creative one, or something in between, we will have a building workshop for you. 

Check out the dates for our workshops on our events and calendar notion page and join us in building the next generation of blockchain projects. 

Check out the magic that is happening at YBC and explore our current projects

If you have an existing project you would like to be featured on our website, build with other Yalies working on blockchain projects, or use YBC resources to grow, please fill out this application form

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Existing Projects

Interested in creating a new project but don't know where to start?

YBC is here to support current students (and alumni) in incubating projects, ideating, connecting with talent, and getting you off the ground. 

Submit a project proposal or a general application to our Projects Program to get started and learn more about our program here

Create New Projects

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