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music for tomorrow (MFT) is a mobile music player & nft marketplace that provides artists with full control of how they monetize their music. Artists decide the price & quantity of their release. Fans who purchase can listen exclusively on the mft music streaming app. As the artist grows in popularity and the market sets a new price for the NFT, fans can resell for a profit that will be shared with the artist. 



Fashion in the Metaverse

Fashion in the Metaverse is all about creating a platform for designers, innovators, and visionaries to show off their work. Whether it is clothing, jewelry, or cosmetics, we aim to take it to the next level in the Metaverse. The project involves a virtual fashion show/exhibit showcasing items from artists that we collaborate with. 



Generative Musics & Art

This project explores generative art beyond the visual, by launching a collection of unique audiovisual NFTs. Through this medium, we hope to expand how art is created and experienced through novel technologies. The immediate aim is to get the collection launched on the web and exhibited at Tsai City–long term, we will explore other methods of creating and interacting with digital art-related experiences. 

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